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The Cisco GSS:

(Global Site Selector)

What is it!?!?

The simple description is this... Picture that you have a data center in NYC, NY and another in Los Angeles, CA.  Your primary data center is in NYC, NY and it has a catastrophic failure... What do you do? Well, you manually move all of traffic to your Los Angeles, CA data center, at a huge cost of time and expense!

The Cisco GSS Global Site Selector alleviates this problem (global load balancing), by using the same DNS host names for your servers and devices, but gives the client machines a new IP address of the resources in your Los Angeles, CA data center. This failover takes approximately 60 seconds! So, yes, WOW, your business is restored in about 60 seconds! These devices are complex, but certainly worth every penny, especially when time is money and a down facility can cost the business bottom line up to millions of dollars an hour, in lost business, lost productivity and critical manufacturing / distribution centers standing around for hours, if not days or weeks!

Cisco has this to say about the purpose of the GSS 4480 / 4491 / 4492:

"As the repository for business applications and information, the data center is critical to everyday business operations and productivity. To protect these operations, enterprises are distributing information and network applications across multiple geographic locations as part of their business-continuance and disaster-recovery strategies. The new Cisco GSS 4480 appliance acts as a centralized command and control device: it works with Cisco's content switches to offload current Domain Name System control functions and direct user requests to the best available resource across the distributed, data center infrastructure. This enables companies to use multiple data center sites to improve performance and scalability, and maximize return on investments across all sites simultaneously."; Cisco Systems, January 14, 2004.

Why a Cisco GSS / ACE 4400 Series Global Site Load-balancer?

The Cisco ACE GSS 4400 Series Global Site Selector Appliances and you...

Do you need help to ensure data center availability, the Cisco ACE GSS global load balancer appliances provide global load balancing and intelligent failover between data centers to help ensure business continuity, full Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) support, as well as protection from DNS-based distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The overall savings to the business bottom line due to outage avoidance is HUGE!

Can I configure this myself or do I need help?

The answer, is yes and no, of course. No new technology is simple and we recommend an expert to at least bounce your design off of, to validate your implementation and save costly implementation project changes and design errors.

Call us to discuss your most complex needs... We are the experts in this field and are referred by Cisco themselves to implement these devices because of the lack of expertise in the industry!!!  Email us at for a free consultation or call 315-491-9629...

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