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We travel world-wide to offer you the service you deserve. We also offer most of our services on a remote basis; for when the cost of expenses are just not an option. Here is our list of services that we provide, but it almost impossible to include them all, so if you do not see it here, call one of our experts at (607) 562-3620, to find out if we can help you.

Design / Installation

  • Wireless from the Whiteboard to the Boardroom, provided in a fast secure wireless roaming fashion to ensure seamless roaming; for when losing connection is just not an option
  • Server Load Balancing and Global Site Load Balancing for the Complex Data Center asset sharing and complete Data Center balancing to a second / third / fourth... hot or cold site
  • Disaster Recovery mitigation, design and testing
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 network solutions
  • Microsoft Certified Partner Offerings; providing MS Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008 complete and custom installs; to include all Microsoft Server software products and applications
  • Flawless engagements to Analyze, Recommend, Design, and provide Integration services with our investigation service

Troubleshooting and Support

  • Wireless Support and Expert Problem Resolution (WLAN)
  • Server Load Balancing Troubleshooting
  • Layer 2 and 3 Local Area Network (LAN) troubleshooting
  • We provide service after the sale and ongoing maintenance with cost effective plans available; call for details

Complete Network Documentation

  • Whether you just need documentation or we have provided you project support; our team never closes out a project without providing your company with FULL documentation; MS Visio drawings and continued management details for complete continuity post-project

On-site support

  • We provide world class, worldwide, on-site support for all of our projects, because your company deserves that attention, but if on-site support is just not an option due to logistics or financial reasons, our technical staff can provide your company with the near same world class, worldwide support for your company; myself included see it in our sleep due to so many years of experience

Task Oriented Support

  • Health checks
  • Dial-Up/Remote Access Service Testing
  • Internet Penetration Testing
  • Internal Risk Assessment
  • Application Level Assessment
  • PBX Vulnerability Assessment
  • Business Continuity Development
  • Technical Writing and Documentation

Program and Project Management Support

  • Real World PMI and Six Sigma Implementations
  • Cost Benefit Analysis

Process Development

  • Operations and Support
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Qualification
  • Quantification of valuable data sources

Policy Development

  • Operations and Support
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Qualification
  • Know your rights as a company to implement proper and, of course, legal IT policy


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